Career Advantages
The mind determines the way out, the trend creates advantages. This is a profound revolution in the consumption pattern.

The era where only operators profited has become history. When consumers become businessmen, a vast revolution has happened, and it is continuously overturning the traditional inherent thinking.

The deeply rooted sharing economy, gave birth to the era of sharing economy. Using an open platform operating pattern to invite partners to participate in the revenue of the corporate’s growth.

Canai career has laid a solid foundation:
We promote a culture of benevolence, health and harmony, provide unique patented products, pay every bonus on time, bring the partners to travel around the world, even provide a base for healthcare and senior care to the partners, study tour programs for the children at the world’s top universities. Your efforts will pay off.

We are committed to creating a new industry pattern through intelligent integration Connect to the social channels through mobile internet technology, create an all-channel innovative marketing system, keep Canai’s business at your fingertips all over the world. Our partners will realize without leaving home, a computer and a mobile phone master the market opportunities worldwide.
Training Support
The biggest business opportunity in the 21st century is to create a platform and system related to human health, beauty and happiness.

How can traditional enterprises break through bottlenecks and get out of difficulties? How should individual entrepreneurs quickly integrate resources and easily start a business?

Unite the strength to break the cocoon, and share together
A platform and system that continuously produce rich people—— Canai 135 System, came into being.

Canai has accumulated practical experience for a long time and developed a unique education system, not only impart business knowledge and skills, more importantly is to teach how to manage “people’s hearts”. The Canai Culture integrated with Benevolence and Harmony, assist partners to become better, not only develop leaders, but also cultivate inheritors, encourage entrepreneurs to operate sustainably by “being the right person and doing the right thing”.
A Better Life
1. Healthcare and senior care

Never forget why we started, and put benevolence first, Canai upholds the philosophy of “spreading Chinese culture”, integrates oriental health wisdom, invests heavily in planning and building healthcare centres and hospitals, and strives to build a comprehensive Canai healthcare system, in order to provide worry-free protection for Canai’s excellent partners worldwide.

In 2018, Canai Malaysia’s Wisdom, Health and Cultural Centre was officially completed. At the same time, Canai’s cultural health centres in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong and other places, as well as the leisure farms in Taoyuan, Taiwan, etc., are already under planning and construction. More regions of the world will be covered in the future to provide Canai people a more comprehensive healthcare and senior care service. In addition, Canai Meizhou General Hospital is also under planning and will provide free medical services to Canai’s family in the future.

2. Children’s education

Caring for the growth and education of Canai’s next-generation, Canai has launched the overseas study tour program. Currently, it has completed three destinations : Australia in 2017, the United States in 2018, and the United Kingdom in 2019. It will continue every year.

Time: 2007 until now

Pass on the dream and relay the future. Canai upholds benevolence and the initial intention and cares for the growth and education of Canai’s next generation, since 2017, it has launched the overseas study tour program to allow Canai children to broaden their views during the study tour and continue to grow.

The first destination of the study tour was to Australia in 2017, the second destination was to the United States in 2018, and the third stop of the study tour was to the United Kingdom in 2019 … In the future, Canai will organize more study tours for Canai partners’ children aged 10 to 18 to France, Japan, Italy … Let Canai’s next generation visit the world and travel the world when their values are formed, so that they develop a global vision, mind and structure and the values of “benefitting others”.

Let Canai’s next generation become a better self on the journey to the world, open a better future, and pass on the dream and achievements.
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