[Breakthrough to Extraordinary], HE&ME Malaysia’s 12th Anniversary Celebration

Canai International to take its brand to another whole new level

The purpose of life is to constantly improve and drive growth through breakthroughs.

When you look back on what you have been through, it is extraordinary that makes life wonderful.

Canai International’s subsidiary, HE&ME Malaysia is in its 12th year.

The company has experienced much valuable growth and innovation to kick start the dream.

We are holding a mega online 12th Anniversary Celebration and new product launching on December 18, 2021

We invite every one of you to join the retrospective of HE&ME’s extraordinary breakthroughs.

[Strength is a necessity in the new era, Breakthrough is a necessity in the new expedition.]

In the past 12 years, Canai Group has developed the health market with its original technology — “Germanium Spectrum Fiber Fabrics“, opening the door to an innovative life for human health.

We believe that with our unremitting efforts, the spectrum technology will be integrated into life in the near future, so that every family in the world will have a healthy and high-quality life.

[When Spectrum meets Fashion] New Sports Series Product Launch

The philosophy of Canai – “Build a healthy and wonderful life, stay sincere and good things will happen!”,

The spectrum technology has been applied to all the needs of life, and to achieve the core values of Canai.

In recent years, the combination of innovation and fashion has highlighted the importance of spectrum fiber technology for health, so that life becomes healthier, more fashionable and wonderful!

[12th Anniversary Promotion That You Can’t Afford to Miss]

In addition to reviewing the past and looking forward to the future, the 12th Anniversary Celebration will also see the release of our iconic new products, further establishing our brand’s foundation as the top of the world.

We want more people to know about Canai, and constantly self-challenging, innovating, and breaking through the limits at the same time.

We want to make people feel our sincerity, vibrance, and creativity, and to provide more people with a healthy and wonderful life.

In order to thank our members for their continuous efforts over the past 12 years, we hereby launch the anniversary promotion with numerous prizes. We encourage everyone to participate in this meaningful moment of Canai.

Super 5X Exclusive Promotion – Exciting gifts await!

1X: HE&ME Malaysia 12th Anniversary Exclusive Product Voucher

2X: HE&ME Malaysia 12th Anniversary Exclusive Cash Voucher

3X: HE&ME Malaysia 12th Anniversary Thanksgiving Lucky Draw (Grand Prize, Second Prize and Third Prize + 20 Special Prizes)

4X: HE&ME Malaysia 12th Anniversary Celebration Lucky Draw Live (3D Soothing Eye Mask x100, Ballaray Fullerene Spray Toner x 50, Ballaray Fullerene Freeze-Dried Mask x50)

5X: Early Bird Offer – New Sport Series x 500 sets

HE&ME Malaysia 12th Anniversary Super 5 Giveaway – Early bird promotion is in full swing, don’t miss this opportunity else you will regret!

HE&ME Malaysia 12th Anniversary Online Celebration:

Live streaming platform: Canai HE&ME SEA (Facebook fan page)

Time: 18/12/2021 8:00pm (MYT)

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