Canai Wishes For Kids Project – SJK (C) Yak Chee
Time :
12 December 2019
Venue :
SJK (C) Yak Chee
As the saying goes: “It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to nurture a person”.
Every child is a seed to be germinated and is expected to create many unknown potentials.

For Canai, creating a good learning and growth environment for the children lay a solid foundation for shaping the future national pillars and creating social harmony.

Therefore, in line with the series of public welfare activities which our company is actively preparing for, the company officially launched “Canai Wishes For Kids Project”, and sincerely invites schools to participate in it to jointly help the under privileged children.

In response to the abovementioned program, our company will subsidize necessity goods for 100 eligible poor students in each school such as school uniforms, school socks, school shoes, school bag, stationeries, pencil case, colour pencils, etc.

Adhering to the belief of “benefiting others and giving back to the society”, Canai has been enthusiastic about public welfare for a long time and actively fulfilled its corporate’s social responsibilities.
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