2019 Canai Malaysia 10th Anniversary Celebration
Time :
20 July 2019
Venue :
Calvary Convention Center
1) Malaysian Han Studies – RM100,000-00
The vision of Malaysian Han Studies is to promote moral and ethical education and build a harmonious and happy world. The mission is to undertake traditional culture teaching, to help realize people’s happiness, and promote social harmony and stability through Chinese wisdom. This coincides with Canai’s philosophy. In order to support and promote cultural teaching and education, Canai donated RM 100,000.

2) A-Heart Autism Hub Perlis – RM10,000-00
This is one of the charitable organizations of Sultan of Perak. Its purpose is to raise RM 6 million to establish an autism centre for the community to help autistic children in need. Autism is one of the fastest-growing diseases, and a lot of research and treatment are needed. Autism is probably one of the most confusing and studied diseases. It raises many questions but hardly any answers. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the United States, the prevalence of autism is 1 in 68 children. This indicates that about 9,000 children in Malaysia suffer from autism every year. This group is composed of the University of Perak and the local autism education resource centre to meet the expected increase in service demand. So today, as Canai people, we hope to express this love so that these children can get better treatment.

3) Rumah Kebajikan Anak Yatim dan Asnaf Al Kausar Bangi – RM10,000-00
The latest data showed that there are 410,000 orphans in Malaysia. There were only 1927 adoption applications in the government’s record last year. A total of 969 children are living in 12 accommodations provided by the government. This is a charity home for orphans and poor children. Its purpose is to provide a safe and comfortable environment and education for orphans and poor families in need. It also allows them to grow up in a loving environment.

4) VP Media Sdn Bhd – RM10,000-00
A volunteer team named Panda Man was established in 2014, with about 100 people. The message they want to bring out is that the panda is China’s national treasure, and at home, our parents are our national treasure. We must protect our parents like a panda like how we protect a panda, we should not abandon them but we should love and protect them even more. They will also donate and send books to the schools and arrange lectures to promote this awareness. They will also go to the nursing home, and visit at least one every month.

5) Clarence Kang – RM5,000-00
Clarence has been diagnosed with autism and hyperactivity by the doctor since the age of 3, but his family has never given up on him, and discovered his talent for art and music. Since childhood, he has always composed music, read sheet music and remembered difficult sheet music. The rest of his life has been linked to music, he performs everywhere and has won many international awards. He represented Malaysia in "Asia’s Got Talent", appeared at TEDxPetalingStreet, performed with the well-known singer Yuna at the 9th Asian Para Games, and appeared on Chinese Dream Show in 2018 and many international platforms to promote the acceptance and affirmation of autism.
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