Corporate Culture
The extensive and profound culture of benevolence is the soul of Canai.

Canai’s culture begins with filial piety to parents and respect to teachers and the elderly, and “willingness” as the foundation for the establishment of business cooperation and marketing alliance. The core goal is to maximize the benefits of our partners.
We advocate harmonious feelings, may all Canai partners be equipped with personality traits such as sincerity, kindness and conscience, and an attitude of righteousness, generosity and courage.

Be a virtuous person who is ethical, an ethical person should have sincerity, kindness, and conscience. Only then can create a harmonious family and establish a career.

Do the right thing, which is to be able to help others, a prerequisite for doing the right thing is being a virtuous person : righteousness, generosity, courage. It has to be practised through words and deeds in our daily life.
Core Values
Canai believes that benevolence is the only foundation of establishing one’s foothold in the world; and by being healthy, we can move forward for a long time.

Canai has always been committed to spreading the culture of benevolence since its establishment, and has always positioned itself as a communicator of healthy living concept. Be a virtuous person and do the right thing is Canai’s eternal business philosophy. Standing at a new starting point of the industry, relying on China’s excellent traditional culture and taking high ambitions as the direction, Canai invites you to spread the healthy living concept and share a better tomorrow.

Canai people are full of passion for entrepreneurship, possess magnificent goals and pragmatic working attitude, promote Canai’s strategic plans in a down-to-earth manner, and make extremely important contributions to the rise of the international brands.
Cultural System
Core values:
Benevolence, Health, Harmony
Business philosophy:
Be a virtuous person
do the right thing
Service philosophy:
Corporate’s spirit:
Corporate’s team concept:
Harmony leads to prosperity
Corporate’s quality concept:
Respect leads to excellence
Corporate’s partnership concept:
Sincerity makes lifetime relationships
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