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Canai is an innovative technology company that integrates research and development, production and management in the massive health industry.

Since its establishment, Canai has always adhered to technological innovation and independent production; We have insisted on contributing to the rise of the international brands with high-quality products and services. Canai establishes foothold in the Asia-Pacific region and takes a global view, our business covers more than 20 countries and regions around the world.
Canai’s culture is based on “benevolence”, we always take the responsibility of spreading excellent culture, pass on the corporate mission of providing healthy lifestyles to consumers through technological innovation,advocate to “be a virtuous person, and do the right thing”, strive to be a person with “sincerity, kindness and conscience” and “righteousness, generosity and courage”, and reach the state of “breaking through selfishness and receiving great love from the world”.

Canai always upholds the philosophy of “Filial piety to parents and respect teachers and the elderly, benefit others, and give back to the society”, we insist on being good to others, adhere to the principle of self-cultivation, and build a perfect and harmonious partnerships; we care for the education and growth of Canai partners’ children, and emphasize the respect and passing on of achievements.

Never forget why we started, and put benevolence first, at the same time, we also call on all partners of Canai to engage in the public welfare and contribute to create a better society. Be benevolent to the world, a borderless world.

Establish a century-old foundation, pass on the achievements, let your ability becomes the need of others. Canai operates using a scientific system, we are committed to passing on a healthy lifestyle for the high-end families, and are determined to cast the world’s luxury brand!

We use culture as an universal language to communicate and shares our dreams with the rest of the world!
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