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Extensive & Profound Culture of Canai
Canai believes that benevolence is the only foundation of establishing one’s foothold in the world; and by being healthy, we can move forward for a long time.
Canai has always been committed to spreading the culture of benevolence since its establishment, and has always positioned itself as a communicator of healthy living concept. Be a virtuous person and do the right thing is Canai’s eternal business philosophy. Standing at a new starting point of the industry, relying on China’s excellent traditional culture and taking high ambitions as the direction, Canai invites you to spread the healthy living concept and share a better tomorrow.
Canai people are full of passion for entrepreneurship, possess magnificent goals and pragmatic working attitude, promote Canai’s strategic plans in a down-to-earth manner, and make extremely important contributions to the rise of the international brands.
Eight Leading Technologies
  • Spectrum energy fibre
  • Perfect fashionable undergarment concept
  • Body-shaping leisure undergarment
  • Magnetic massage nanoparticles
  • Airy sculpture undergarment
  • Treatment of sericin and silk protein
  • Anti-fungal treatment
  • Nanosilver treatment
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